Virtual Fair

Our third Tourism Business-to-Business matchmaking event will be an interactive virtual event in 3D that will take place on 8th and 9th June 2021.

Due to the current Covid-19 situation the European Commission opted to build a virtual matchmaking event with a unique avatar based platform that allows exhibitors and attendees to meet, engage and conduct business in a virtual 3D environment.

Chinese buyers and European sellers have been able to engage and interact with each other via an avatar, chat and talk, move around, walk together and teleport directly to their areas of interest, while interacting with content and attending live talks and presentations.

Participation is free of charge.

Chinese buyers

Each attendee had created a unique profile and a representative 3D avatar. Contact information and a business card could be uploaded into the profile to be shared with the exhibitors. Attendees have been able approach and find exhibitors easily, exchange business cards and share profiles in one click. Conversations took place via an interactive chat, either in a booth or in a private meeting room.

European sellers

The virtual environment featured a number of booths in two pavilions, which allow a maximum of 40 European sellers to showcase their trans-European itinerary directly to the Chinese travel trade in an innovative and interactive way. Each booth were fully customized according to the branding of the European seller. As exhibitor the European seller had the opportunity to display materials (e.g. brochures and videos) in a VR booth.

Matchmaking tool

When registered and approved by the European Commission, Chinese buyers and European sellers have been able to make online appointments for matchmaking and meetings at the Virtual Fair.

The European Commission launched the Partnerships in European Tourism (PET) project to increase the flows of visitors from the People´s Republic of China to the European Union as well as to stimulate investment opportunities for EU companies in China.

The European Union is funding four EU-China Tourism Business-to-Business matchmaking events and is developing training materials to help the sector preparing for Chinese travelers. These matchmaking events offer EU tourism sellers business opportunities to get in contact with relevant Chinese buyers.

What’s included?

What is included in your free participation during the virtual fair?
  • Attendance to the Virtual Fair
  • European sellers get a booth in one of the two pavilions that can be fully customized (3 wall graphics, 3 posters, 1 video, 4 products, 5 brochures, information and contact details and a virtual booth assistant)
  • B2B matchmaking app, offering pre-arranged 1-on-1 meetings in private meeting rooms or in the booths
  • Interacting with content and attending live talks and presentations
  • Network opportunities
  • Exchange business cards and share profiles in one click
  • Valuable business conversations by using interactive chat and native call features
  • Marketing intelligence about China (including e.g. flashcards, facts and figures about Chinese tourism, China business culture guide, tourism landscape China, new tourism trends China)
  • Webinar on how to grow your business in China
  • Tutorial about how to use the virtual fair technology

Events 2020-2021


Our first and second Tourism Business-to-Business matchmaking events have been interactive virtual events in 3D that took place in June and December 2020.


The third Tourism Business-to-Business matchmaking event took place on
8th and 9th of June 2021
and was an interactive virtual event in 3D.


The last Tourism Business-to-Business matchmaking event with the theme European Cultural Tourism will take place in Hangzhou – China, October 2021 (timing is tentative and subject to change).

More information will follow

Any cost to participate the 4 B2B events?

There are no participation costs to attend one of the four matchmaking events for all of the qualified European sellers and Chinese buyers.

No participation costs will be charged for the real life matchmaking event in Hangzhou.
Face to face B2B matchmaking events regulations:
  • To provide extra support, the EU offers a travel allowance for the European sellers:
    We will cover the accommodation costs of European sellers participating in one of the B2B matchmaking event in China (A maximum of 2 nights for 1 person, per operator, per event, with a maximum price per night of €155).
  • We will cover the costs of editing and translating in Chinese the business profile (about 3000 characters or 500 words) of each European seller as well as the costs of producing 100 business cards in Chinese for each European seller (Name, Company name, contact details and generic reference to the supporting EU action)
  • The travel cost, including the international air fare, train, taxi, hotel accommodations (allowance see above), meals etc. will be covered by the participants themselves, for both European sellers and the Chinese buyers.